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How to choose a research topic

Undergraduate and Ph.D. students quite often expect their academic supervisors to provide them with a “menu” of ready-made topics. It is worth remembering though that writing a research paper is a creative process, that should be interesting for both the supervisor and the student. The best research is usually the one that is initiated by the student. In order to help a young researcher to independently choose the topic for their future work and to prepare a draft of the research proposal, we provide some websites, which contain general advice on how to make this choice:

How to prepare a poster presentation

A popular way of demonstrating your research ideas at a scientific conference is a poster presentation – a graphic means of communicating the message of your research. With the help of the poster a researcher informs the participants of a conference about his or her work in a concise and visually compelling way. To become an effective instrument of advertising your research ideas the poster should attract attention; it should be well-structured, user-friendly and present the most important results of your research. Here you can find hyperlinks to some websites, which contain practical suggestions on the preparation of a poster presentation:

How to prepare a Power Point presentation

Today a PowerPoint presentation is one of the reqirements for a report. It helps to illustrate ideas on the one hand, and give detailed information on the subject matter using tables, graphs, audios and videos on the other.

One should bear in mind, though, that a presentation should only accompany but not replace. It should not distract the audience from what you are saying.

You may find useful hints on how to avoid common mistakes and design an effective presentation below:

Making a PowerPoint Presentation — iasted

Using PowerPoint to Design Effective Presentations