Ling 2




Linguarium is an open project launched BY students and FOR students. It is initiated for those who are enthusiastic about languages and everything related to them. The aim of the project is to collect a database of the most fascinating linguistic facts that will be available to everyone interested.

We invite professors, undergraduate and postgraduate students – everyone regardless of their knowledge of linguistics, research experience or linguistic background to take part in this project and to send us ANY INTERESTING and RARE information concerning languages that they can find in books, magazines and newspapers, or hear about while travelling or talking to friends.

It is only the beginning, and we are sincerely grateful to those students who were quick to respond to this move (you will find their names in the subsections below). With time the structure and the contents of Linguarium will change and, as we expect, will become more creative and authentic. We hope that you will help us to build Linguarium as a diverse and exciting place with languages and linguistic facts for everyone to admire.


Curious Facts from History

Origin of Words

Rare Languages, Dialects, Soociolects

Similarities and Differences in Languages

Linguistic Databank

Language Situation in the World